Belarus in Process // 2020

Goodbye, Motherland // 2011

In this part of the project I took pictures of Soviet documentary photographers - conditioned winners in World War II, carved out of them completely abstract geometric shapes and replaced the pieces of real works of folk art - home homespun "dyvany” and "rushnіki” created after the war. Belarus independence paraide

Looking to the Pre-God's eyes // 2011

Pagan // 2008-2010

Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках


Belarus Portfolio // 2009

Woman carries USSR flag on Kastrychnickaja square  rally which marks the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution anniversary. This day is a state holiday in Belarus. Local residents collect a cranberry, bear it)in bags on the shoulders from a bog in village Gorodeja (60 kms from city of Pinsk, the Brest area). Person collect apr. 20 kg of cranberry per day, Belarus  / Gorodeja/ September 8, 2005 Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках Адпраўляючыся ў падарожжа па беларускіх вёсках

Traditional interior // 2020



Focus on Belarus // 2008

Looking to the Pre-God's eyes // 2011

Pagan // 2008-2010


Living with Art

SCWP Lawyers



Andrei Liankevich, Belarusian photographer, born 1981 in Grodno and based in Minsk (Belarus).

2004-2005 He studied on World Press Photo seminar in Yerevan (Arminia). In 2007 Andrei took part in the Focus on Monferrato master class in Tuscany (Italy). In 2008 he participated in a programme by French Association Pour llnstant, shooting a photo story on “Modern family institutions”. In 2009-2010 Andrei produced portraite s of the Belarussians living in Poland during “Gaude Polonia” programm.

Since 2004 Andrei taught a course on Photojournalism at the European Humanity University in Vilnius (Lithuania).

2005-2010 he has cooperated with the European Press Photo Agency (EPA) and in 2007-2012 he worked with the Anzenberger Agency. In 2008 Andrei joined collective of young photographers- SPUTNIK.His works are published in international media as The New York Times, Le Figaro, Newsweek, Die Zeit, Spiegel, GEO, Vanity Fair, Readers Didest and the International Herald Tribune.

Andrei Liankevich has presented his photographic oeuvre in more than 60 exhibitions in Europe, Asia and the USA; e.g. collective exhibitions such as “She has female name” was presented at the Museum of Modern Art (Vienna, Austria) and at the Zachta Gallery in Warshaw (Poland), and he showed “Unknown Country” photo project as part of the Third Month of European Photography in Uferhallen, Berlin (Germany).

In 2008 the first catalog of Andreis works was published. Later that year his photos were included in East book, published by Anzenberger, and in Break Lines. Touch Points , published by Reporters without Borders, and “This day of Change” photo book having 132 photographers of the project, published in Japan.

In 2010 was published “Pagan” book- Andreis the first book about Belarus Pagan traditions.

In 2009 Andrei wins prize at the Humanity Photo Awards with his work about “Pagan traditions in Belarus”, late that year the project was among finalists of “Magnum Expression Award”. Later Andrei wins 1st Prize at the Polish Photography Contest dedicated to 170 Years of Photography. And in 2010 Andrei won OSCE photo contest and got 1st prize in Belarus Press Photo contest in “People in news” category.

In 2010 Andrei got 6 prizes in Belarus Press Photo award.

In 2012 Andrei is among 15 the most influence artists of Belarus in 2000-2010. Later this year Andrei have got Grand Prix of “Kaunas Photo Star” portfolio review.

In 2012 and 2013, Andrei organized the World Press Photo Exhibition in Minsk.

In 2013, Andrew organized the first edition of book on young photography “BY NOW”, which was published in the German publishing house Kehrer, and the eponymous exhibition held in the framework of international photo festivals in Poland and Germany.

In October 2014 Andrei initiated “Month of Photography in Minsk” with is now annual photo festival unites 20 cultural institutions and 25 exhibition in Minsk, Brest and Hrodna.

In 2015-2016. , Andrei was the art director of the space TCEH.

Later this year Andrej has got Grand Prix at “Salon d’Automne” (Minsk, Belarus) for collages from “Good bye, Motherland” project.

In 2017 Andrei has got Grand Prix at “Warsaw Photo days” photo-festival (Warsaw, Poland) for “Good bye, Motherland” project.